Practice these real life survival drills to be prepared for disaster

fire ignition

It is very difficult to effectively prepare for emergency situations or downright disaster. You can purchase all the survival gear on the market, however, your reaction time to live situations are more important for survival. has put together a list of drills for us to print out and practice. Becoming efficient at recognizing a situation, and knowing how to react, could play a key role to our survival in adverse situations when they arise.

Natural disaster drills are outlined as tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. These events come on their own timetables and you are either prepared for them, or you’re not. In order to survive you need a plan, emergency packs and other methods of communication not limited to cell phones. Two-way communication radios or a handheld CB should do.

Fires can occur at any time. All it takes to create a fire could be an innocent mishap in the kitchen. Rodents chewing on electrical wire could be another catalyst, or maybe you live in a region prone to wildfire. The fire drills require all the same preparedness as the natural disasters with the addition of a towel or mask to cover your face.

Things get a little more complex when preparing for home invasion drills. Vulnerability in its purest form is an attack while you are sleeping in a perceived safe space such as your own home. Home invasion preparedness drills require either a safe room in the house or an escape plan. It is good to have a weapon in the safe room as well as some nylon rope to escape through the window. It is important to establish a rendezvous point with your family members.

A shooting event can happen anywhere at any time. Although it is highly unlikely you will ever find yourself trying to survive against an active shooter, the scenario arises more today than it did 15 years ago. When faced with an active shooter, it is very important to remove yourself from the shooter’s line of sight. Make sure to stay down as low to the ground as possible.

The majority of the survival drills outlined in the practical advice section of should be performed at night. The drills can also be customized to meet your family’s needs. has outlined 4 survival priorities on their webpage. It offers tips on how to survive in the middle of nowhere, with no supplies. Shelter, fire, water and food are the priorities outlined in the suggested read.