This is a list of must-have tools that you need as part of your off-grid arsenal

Think about the items in your toolbox or your shed. Do you have what you need to make repairs on your homestead? Seasoned preppers will tell you that even before SHTF, you will need various hand tools and power tools to make living off-grid easier for you and your family. (h/t to

If you don’t have these tools, you may have a hard time building and repairing your homestead. To truly live off-grid, you must always be prepared to face anything, and this includes knowing about home repairs. (Related: Tips for the beginning prepper.)

This list includes tools that you may need if you want to live off-grid.

  1. 4? Grinder – A versatile tool, a 4″ grinder can be used to cut, grind, sand, and smooth concrete, metal, or wood.
  2. ATV (all-terrain vehicle) or UTV (utility task vehicle) – If you don’t have a tractor, you can use an ATV (four-wheeler) or UTV (two- to four-seater) to haul equipment and gear across your property. An ATV or a UTV can go as fast as 40 miles per hour, and these vehicles are perfect if you often travel across muddy and rugged terrain. They’re also suitable as perimeter security vehicles for your homestead.
  3. Ax – An ax is a basic tool for any homesteader, especially if you live in the northern hemisphere where firewood is a necessity. A versatile ax can spell the difference between freezing to death and staying warm in cold weather.
  4. Carpenter pencils – Used for marking cut lines on boards, logs, posts, and studs.
  5. Chain and cable – You’ll need these to haul heavy equipment and materials across your property. Get a long length of sturdy 1/4? and 1/2? cable, which you can keep in a barn, ATV/UTV, or your truck.
  6. Chainsaws – If you have a chainsaw, you can clear brush, trim trees, and clear debris from roads and trails. With a sawmill-attachment, you can use a chainsaw to gather lumber so you can build your own cabin.
  7. Chop saw – A chop saw can cut fence posts, joists, pipes, rebar, and studs. You’ll need it to cut various materials like bricks, concrete blocks, PVC, steel, and wood.
  8. Come-along – Also called a ratcheting cable, a come-along is used to lift and drag heavy objects into place.
  9. Cordage – You’ll need various kinds of cordage like rope, string, and twine in your homestead.
  10. Cutting torch – A cutting torch is useful if you need to cut metal pipes, sheet metal, steel framing, or steel tubing.
  11. Dolly (hand truck) – A dolly can be used to move appliances and furniture.
  12. Drill press – You’ll need a drill press for precision drilling. A hand-held drill will do in a pinch.
  13. Hammers – Get a claw hammer and a sledgehammer.
  14. Hand drill – With a hand drill, you can drill starter holes, run wire through a footer or header, or make ventilation holes in an outhouse.
  15. Handsaws – A handsaw is a good backup, especially if your chainsaw runs out of gas.
  16. Hoe – A hoe is a must-have for your home garden.
  17. Level – Use this tool for fencing and leveling pipes or wooden structures like a barn or cabin. Get a small and a large hand-held level.
  18. Log jack/Lumberjack – A large log jack can lift beams, logs, and other heavy objects. It can also be used on vehicles or a tractor stuck in the mud.
  19. Machete – You’ll need a machete to clear small areas or for trail blazing on your property.
  20. Miscellaneous hand tools – This includes small hand tools like chisels, clamps, C-clamps, paint brushes, pliers, scrapers, vice grips, and wire cutters.
  21. Post hole diggers – You’ll need this if you want to put up a fence around your property or for digging outhouse holes.
  22. Rakes – This is necessary for raking gravel, leaves, sand, and soil in your property.
  23. Screwdrivers – Get a high-quality set of common sizes and types of screwdrivers.
  24. Shovels – Shovels are another gardening must-have. Get several high-quality shovels such as several spades and some square-pointed shovels for digging holes and for gardening.
  25. Table saw – It’s easier to cut planks and boards with a table saw.
  26. Tape measure – You’ll need a tape measure for measuring distance and board length when you’re working on different projects.
  27. Tiller – A small gas-powered rotary tiller is a worthy investment if you maintain a smaller garden area. This eliminates the need to till by hand.
  28. Tractor – A tractor can be used for hauling, plowing, tilling, and getting around your property.
  29. Utility trailer – Use a utility trailer to haul very heavy items around your property.
  30. Vice – A vice can hold boards, pipes, planks, posts, rebar, and other objects while you’re working on them.
  31. Welder – A welder can help you save on repair bills. Use this tool for regular maintenance or emergency repairs. Learning how to weld is a worthy investment that can prepare you before SHTF.
  32. Wheelbarrows – Use a wheelbarrow to haul small loads of material to and from your property.
  33. Wrench and socket set – These tools can be used to maintain or repair vehicles or other equipment. Invest in a good set with a lifetime warranty to save money instead of getting a cheap set that won’t last.

This long list might seem overwhelming, but you can start getting one or several items every week or so to slowly build up your collection of must-have tools. With these items you can repair anything in your homestead.

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