8 practical reasons why you should include a cotton pillowcase in your bug-out bag

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Some of the items that deserve some space in a bug-out bag (BOB) usually include multi-purpose tools, paracord, or tinder. But what about a cotton pillowcase?

The cotton pillowcase can be a handy item to have when SHTF. Since it’s made of lightweight material and it doesn’t take up that much space, it’s an item with multiple survival uses. (h/t TimGamble.com.)

Eight uses for a cotton pillowcase

  1. Bandages or a sling – In an emergency, you can turn a cotton pillowcase into a sling. You can also cut the pillowcase into several large or small bandages.
  2. Clothing repair – If you also have a small sewing kit in your BOB, you can cut patches out of a cotton pillowcase if you need to repair your clothing.
  3. Dust-/Smoke-mask – In the event of a fire or dust storm, you can turn a cotton pillowcase into a dust- or smoke-mask.
  4. Fire starter – Cotton burns quite well, so you can use strips of a cotton pillowcase to start a fire. The strips of cloth can also be used as char cloth.
  5. Makeshift bag – If you’re out in the wild and you need a bag while collecting kindling for a fire or gathering wild edibles, you can turn a cotton pillowcase into an emergency bag.
  6. Water pre-filter – If you need to boil water, you can use a cotton pillowcase to pre-filter water. The pillowcase can help remove rubbish in the water such as algae, bugs, leaves, stems, or other contaminants.
  7. Reusable diaper – If you are traveling with a child, you can turn a cotton pillowcase into a reusable diaper. Boil and clean or disinfect the cloth diaper before reusing to avoid infections.
  8. Reusable toilet paper – If you need toilet paper, you can turn a cotton pillowcase into reusable toilet paper. Like with the reusable diaper, make sure that you boil or disinfect the cloth strips before you reuse them.

With some creativity and quick thinking, you can turn ordinary items in your BOB, such as a cotton pillowcase, into useful and multi-purpose gear during a survival scenario.

Other miscellaneous items for your BOB

Here are other unusual items that deserve some space in your BOB:

  • Compressed sponge – A compressed sponge can help you wick up water from hard to reach surfaces. Keep the sponge dry and tightly bound so that it doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Duct tape – A roll of duct tape will come in handy, especially if you need to attach or repair items. If you’re trying to maximize the space in your BOB, roll some duct tape around a small stick instead of bringing a whole roll with you.
  • IDs and documents – When SHTF, you’ll probably need several copies of all your important IDs and other documents like banking information, deeds, mortgages, and wills. Bring the original copies and print extra copies. You can also save soft copies of the documents on a flash drive. Make sure your flash drive is encrypted and key protected. (Related: Your Bug Out Bag Essentials.)
  • Paper clips – You can turn a handful of sturdy paperclips into lock picks, fishing hooks, trap triggers, and other useful items.
  • Paracord – Don’t let its appearance fool you: A paracord is sturdy enough for most of your cordage needs such as setting up a shelter or even as a makeshift pair of shoelaces. Turn it into a paracord bracelet so you can have a length of paracord in a handy bracelet.
  • Rubber bands – You can use rubber bands to rig or build traps. Check if they’re strong enough to withstand constant use and the elements.
  • Mosquito netting – If you find yourself in an area with mosquitoes, you will definitely need some mosquito netting. Get netting with fine mesh so it can keep out other pests like tiny flies.

You can learn more about multiple use items for your BOB at Bugout.news.

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