Tips for bow hunting in a survival situation

It pays to be prepared for anything. You never know when you will be put in a survival situation, and you may have to shoot game in order to have food.

Why is a bow and arrow the perfect tool or weapon for someone traveling in the wilderness? Well, for one, bows and arrows are easy to make. Arrows can be made from cedar wood, maple, ash, birch, cattail, Douglas fir, poplar, and most pines, among others.

Bows and arrows are very handy, especially if you own a detachable bow that breaks apart in three pieces (this device is assembled using lug screws). They can be used not merely for hunting game but also for fishing. Aside from these, bows and arrows can be used for making a fire or snares and traps.

How to get in the “bow hunting zone”

Having the right tools for hunting or protecting oneself will not exactly help you in the long run if you employ improper attitudes and fixate on doing the wrong thing. For instance, to be an efficient hunter, you should know the proper time – whether you should do so in the wee hours of the morning or just before twilight – and place, out there in the open or behind the shadows, for hunting. Monitor the presence of game in the area by recording their activity using trail cameras.

Believe that you can catch prey or that you can protect yourself against your enemies. The mind is your ultimate tool/weapon – believe in yourself and your capabilities and your skills (not only in hunting but more importantly, in your day-to-day life) will continue to flourish. That statement sounds like a load of baloney, but it has real significance and weight. Since it takes the most skilled of persons to land a shot using a bow and arrow in the first try, having tons of optimism and patience will help you as you go along your way. (Related: NY, NJ residents arming with anything they can find – shotguns, bows, bats, machetes.)

Shooting arrows from bows is no easy venture. This is where a lot of practice helps. Maintain the perfect balance between aggression and Zen, so you can master the art of knowing when to lock your target in your sight, and when to release the string. Practice holding a full draw for as long as possible, plus the “blind shooting” technique, wherein you basically shoot arrows as fast as you can to build muscle memory and help you respond faster to stimuli.

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