Shopping for the apocalypse? This unlikely store may have everything you need

If you are in need of a one-stop shop for all your prepping needs, Hobby Lobby might just be the store for you. Here is a shopping guide of some useful survival items you can find at Hobby Lobby to help you prepare for when SHTF. (h/t to

An advantage of shopping at Hobby Lobby is that you can cut down on your prepping costs. For one thing, you should always try to do your shopping on Saturday nights, since this is around the time that the employees put up the sale signs for the next week. If you’re lucky, you can get items that are on sale for both this week and the next. Plan your shopping trips even before SHTF. At some point, most of the items will go on sale. You just have to be patient enough to buy the items at the right time. If you are a smart enough shopper, you can prep even when you’re on a tight budget. (Related: 10 ways to prep when you’re completely broke.)

Small tools

You can find small tools for all hobbies and specialty interests at this store, even if your hobby is prepping. Woodworking tools, such as carving tools and small wood burners, can come in handy when building your own DIY survival devices. X-acto knives can cut through most objects with precision. Metal pliers and snippers in the DIY jewelry aisle can be useful for working on thin wires and making minor repairs. You can also find a wide selection of glues meant for different uses and surfaces.


You can stock up on plenty of spare shirts for your bug out bag here. These shirts, baseball caps, white canvas sneakers, and other articles of clothing are available at bargain prices since they are meant to be used as a base for crafts. Fashion won’t be a priority when SHTF, but you can still use these plain shirts to make your own DIY camouflage outfits. With some fabric paint and a little creativity, you can remain hidden in plain sight. Dark blue or navy blue shirts can also help with concealment. Don’t forget to buy a few bandanas as well. In a pinch, they can be used as a sling, a breathing filter, a tourniquet, and as a means of protection from both hot and cold weather.

Containers and storage furniture

If you need somewhere to store your supplies, Hobby Lobby has plenty of boxes, bins, and sealable plastic crates for all your storage purposes.

Sewing and knitting supplies

Fabrics and sewing supplies can be useful for making quick repairs. You can also use faux fur and fake flowers for camouflage purposes. If you happen to have plenty of time to kill, learning how to knit can make constructive use of your free time. Some items you can knit include scarves, socks, dishcloths, and towels. They can either help to keep you warm or keep things dry.

Candles and candle making supplies

If you need a source of light or heat without having to depend on electricity, you can always light a candle. If you need candles for specific purposes, you can always make your own customized candles. Additionally, the area for candle making supplies also includes materials for making soap, such as essential oils, donkey milk, shea butter, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, beeswax, and more.

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