Things you can do today that help make bugging out easier tomorrow

Bugging out is no easy task. When SHTF, you must be able to evacuate at a moment’s notice with all your essential survival gear and stay somewhere safe until the chaos dies down and society returns to normal. It sounds simple enough in theory, but think about it. Do you already have an escape plan? Do you already have a bug-out location in mind? What about your family members? Do your loved ones know what to do during an emergency? There are many things to consider about bugging out, but there are also a number of things that you can do today to make it easier for you and your family members to bug out in the future. Here’s what you need to do to start planning your bug-out strategy. (h/t to

Plan 4 possible bug-out locations

Four bug-out locations might sound excessive, but when there’s an incoming tornado or pandemic, you need to be able to flee away from the disaster. This means planning out four locations away from your house, each one in a different direction. It is also important to have specific destinations in mind. You shouldn’t just head out in a general direction and hope someone can take you in. You can prepare for this as well by making a list of everyone you know within a 5-10 mile radius that you know will be willing to take you in when SHTF. If you want to go the extra mile or a couple hundred, you can extend your web of emergency contacts to as far as 200 miles away from your home. (Related: Top 10 Tips For Bugging Out When The SHTF!)

Consider your plans for traveling

You should also consider the evacuation routes you will be taking to get to these places. Make sure that none of them require you to go through a main road. Many people with their own evacuation plans may take this path and you will likely end up stuck in a gridlock if you follow them. You should also calculate how fast you will be able to travel as the amount of supplies you will need to pack in your bug-out bag (BOB) will greatly depend on this factor. Your BOB should weigh no more than 25 percent of your own body weight or else it will slow you down and put unnecessary strain on both you and your BOB.

Delegate specific tasks to different family members

If you are the only person who knows what the survival plan is, then it will be very difficult if either you or anyone else becomes separated from your group. You will find it much easier to handle a survival situation if you and your loved ones equally share in the responsibilities together. This can also allow you to exchange ideas with each other on how to best survive instead of depending on just one person to come up with the plan. Everyone should be clear on what role they play in the survival plan and what they should do in case SHTF.

Prepare all the necessary survival gear beforehand

Everyone should have their BOBs packed and ready for a quick getaway at a moment’s notice. Be sure to stock up on enough water and shelf-stable food to last you and your family members for at least three days. You will also need to keep the gas tank in your vehicle at least half full at all times.

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