Physical preparedness is a way of life: Regular physical labor improves your health and chances of survival

Two people walk in a bar; one fit and the other rotund. The slim individual gestures to his friend and says, “man, you really need to get in shape.” Offended, the big-boned friend retorts, “this is the only shape I come in.”

Sometimes that joke ends with the fat one saying, “I am in shape! Round is a shape.”

Social justice warriors applaud this type of behavior, insisting that body positivity involves loving all shapes and sizes and that NO word should be said on the potential health risks extreme body shapes could have. Truth be told though, being morbidly obese or excessively thin is not good for your health. A major part of the former is lifestyle. Modern life has adjusted the extent of how physical we are now. A majority of us work eight-hour jobs where we sit down for the most part. Those who have stressful, time-dependent jobs are also more likely to eat their lunches at their desks to save time.

The result is, of course, more output (numbers that your managers love to highlight at every board meeting) but decreased physical activity. Here at Natural News, we opt for a more balanced point of view. We believe in the importance of modern health and survival. While it cannot be helped that you have an office job, this does not excuse your daily exercise being reaching for the remote control to change channels.

Physical labor or exercise is necessary for better health. Moving around gets your heart rate up and strengthens your muscles. Numerous studies have already linked physical exertion to improved mood and a higher chance of living longer. Furthermore, moving around keeps you at a healthy weight — one that does not make you dependent on pharmaceutical maintenance drugs.

Consider this a lifestyle change and not a fad

Reaching and keeping a healthy weight takes time. Don’t be fooled by fad diets that claim a major weight loss in only a short period of time. Most of those are dangerous. The best way to lose weight and be physically prepared for any eventuality is to move around and work. Remember that we’re not talking about just losing weight (although this is important), but about being physically able to survive when SHTF. How do you start? Take some of these suggestions to heart.

  • Go outside — No B.S. Going outside and just walking is miles and away good for you. Whenever you can, walk around your local park or just around the street. If you need to buy some groceries and the store is just a block away, just walk there instead of taking your car.
  • Take the stairs — Ah, the dreaded contraption. Seriously though, if you’re only going to a floor above or below, it’s better to just take the stairs rather than take the elevator.
  • Get a pet — Play with your dogs. This has the double effect of making you feel better while helping you lose weight.
  • Go gardening — Mow the lawn. Do yard projects. Plant flowers.
  • Choose a sport — If you’re older, this can be just playing with your grandkids.

Winter should also not stop you from being active! Try walking (albeit a little slower) around the fields, trails, and woods near your home or office. You may also want to consider some indoor exercise machines such as a treadmill or rowing machine.

These are easy lifestyle changes that have major impact on your overall health. Do this for yourself. You’ll lose weight, sure, but you’ll likewise be better prepared whenever something bad happens.

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